Our Services 

Or, what we can do for you…

Build a Website

This involves discussing the requirements of the site and agreeing on the web technology to be used. We will also create sample designs to make sure that what we create is what you expect.

Once the design and technical requirements have been sorted out, we will build the website incorporating your content.

Update / Makeover / Maintain an Existing Website 

If you already have a website, we can update it to include new content and/or monitor and maintain the site to keep it running smoothly.

If your existing site needs changing to reflect your new corporate branding or to do things in a different way, we can work with stylesheets to apply new layouts and develop new code to do new things on the site.

Advise on how to Structure your Website

If you are starting from scratch with a new site, we can analyse the information you want to put on the site and advise on the best way to structure the site. This applies both to the technology side of things and, more importantly, ease of use for those accessing the site.

Similarly, we can look at your existing site and make recommendations on how to improve it.